Written and Directed by
Julia Query
Vicky Funari

Edited by
Vicky Funari
Heidi Rahlmann Plumb

Produced by
Julia Query
John Montoya

Executive Producer
Gini Reticker

Sarah Kennedy
Avilla Peterson

Associate Producers
Inka Petersen
CJ Roessler
Marisa Soghoian

Julia Query
John Montoya
Sarah Kennedy
Vicky Funari

Original Artwork by
Isis Rodriguez

Original Music
Allison Hennessy and Kali with Alex Kort
Blaise Smith and Dale Everingham
Khayree Shaheed

On-line Editor
Heather Weaver

Sound Design
Jennifer Ware

Re-Recording Mixer
Pete Horner

Sound Editing
Ethan Derner
Andrea Plastas
Cari Campbell
Barbara McBane

Titles and Graphics
Vicky Funari
Inka Petersen
James Green

Additional Editors
Sharon Franklin
Sarah Kennedy
Gretchen Stoeltje

Consulting Editor
Nathaniel Dorsky

Production Maven
Heidi Rahlmann Plumb

Assistant Producers
Elizabeth Cook
Lisa Cullinan
Lisa Foster
Sean McGinn
Melissa Standen

Assistant Editors
Bill Basquin
Julie Konop
Darcy McKinnon
CJ Roessler
Marisa Soghoian

Fundraising Trailer Editors
Karen Everett
Lara Maciejewska

Additional Camera
Hima B
Ann Chamberlaine
Vicente Franco
Sharon Franklin
Lisa Jones
Michael Moore
Avilla Peterson
Heidi Rahlmann Plumb
CJ Roessler
Shoshana Rosenfeld,
Liza Seybold-Dittmar
Gretchen Stoeltje
Kristina Zinnen

Sound Recordists
J.Bob Alotta
Mark Edelsberg
Elise Hurwitz
Jaime Kibben
Ray Rea
Megan Sheer
Jake Tornatsky
Danielle Tsuboi

Shara “Chewy” Kane
Novella Smith
Michael Anthony Worrall

Transcribers and Loggers
Tanya Buckley
Douglas Conrad
Diane Dunn
Barbara Kiss
J.J. Walker

Still Photographers
Vivienne Maricevic
Phyllis Christopher
CJ Roessler
Karina Udelay

20/20 Footage courtesy
Barbara Walters, ABC News

Thanks to
Daisy Anarchy
Jon Axtel
Suzy Berger
Bernal Heights Catering
Johanna Breyer
Jessa Brie Berkner
Karen Castleman
Sophie Constantinou
David Chadwick
Chat House
C.L. Cole
Coco Club
Sarah K Conner
Gionna Divine
Theresa Dulce
Galleria De la Raza
Dan Geller
Good Vibrations,
Catherine Greenblatt and Stafford
Nina Hartley
Hanarchy Now
Shani Heckman
Dan “Ball of Energy” Holzner
Patti Hudson
John Hughes
Josie’s Juice Bar and Cabaret
Shari Kizirian
Kris Kovick
Stephen LeBlanc
Karlyn Lotney
Marne Lucas
Heather McFarlin
Julie Mackaman
Barbara Malcolm
Macondo Café
John Muse
William Plumb
Rainbow Grocery‹a worker-owned cooperative
Renee Rivera
Diane Sabin
Happy Sanchez
Annie Sprinkle
Margo St.James
Marc Smolowitz
Zakyia Soghoian
Laura Trent
Barbara, Lance and Lisa Wallace
Heather Wiker
Jennifer Worley

Special Thanks to:
American Zoetrope
Charlotte and Bob Beyers
Scott Carroll
The Exotic Dancers Alliance
Amelia Ross-Gilson
Bob Hawk
The Institute for Community Health Outreach
Aryeh Kahn
Jaime Kibben
Muffie Meyer
James Montoya
Landon Moreland
Pix and Stones
Mike Scott
Howard Stein

A very special thanks to
all the workers who appeared in this film.

With funding and support from
Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation
Kathleen Glynn and Michael Moore of
The Center for Alternative Media and Culture
Chicago Underground Film Fund
Fleishhacker Foundation
Pacific Pioneer Fund
Third Wave Foundation- The Funding Exchange
Threshold Foundation
Vanguard Foundation

Subsidized access to post-production facilities
provided by

The Bay Area Video Coalition

Post-production sound provided by
HomeGirls and American Zoetrope

“Who Owns It?”
Composed by Blaise Smith and Dale Everingham
featuring Suga T

Written by Foday Musa Suso
Performed by Kronos Quartet
Courtesy of Elektra Nonesuch
By arrangement with Warner Special Products

“Zapfenstreich” (Revery Dream)
Performed by
Art Shryer’s Yiddish Orchestra

“Der Heisser” (The Hot One)
Performed by
Naftule BrandWein’s Orchestra

“For Strippers Only”
Written by
Bill Grundy, Morris Levy and Sonny Lester
Performed by
Sonny Lester and his Orchestra
Courtesy of Rhino, EMI Longitude Music Co.
By arrangement with Warner Special Products

“Lonely Little G-String”
Written by Bill Grundy
Performed by
Sonny Lester and his Orchestra
Courtesy of Rhino, EMI Longitude Music Co.
By arrangement with Warner Special Products

Written by Tony Rojas
Performed by Majority Whip
Used by Permission of Tony Rojas
Courtesy of Institutional Quality Records

“My Heart Breaks”
Written by Sonya Hunter
(copyright 1999 / BMI)
Performed by:
Michael Bluestein, Dan Foltz, Sonya Hunter,
Erik Pearson and Marty Wehner
Used by Permission of
Sonya Hunter/Honey Do Music

“fun, fun, fun”
Written by Ralph Carney and Stichman,
Performed by
Ralph Carney and Stichman,
Courtesy Birdman records

“I Took the $”
Written by BMI
Performed by She Mob
Courtesy of Spinster Playtime Records

“Wretched Queen”
Written and performed by
Trippy Nick and Random Rab
Used by permission of
Trippy Nick and Random Rab
Courtesy of Xalex Records

“Heaven Knows”
Written by Diana Dawn
Performed by
Dianna Dawn with Eye Level
Courtesy of Daina Dawn

For Sex Workers Everywhere

And Dr. Joyce Wallace

©Copyright Julia Query Wallace 2000

© 2011 Julia Query